Will my child be ready for school? This is an important question asked by many parents. After all, starting “big school” is a major step in a child’s life.

Transitioning to School

As your child starts to approach four years of age we are all faced with the challenging decision of where to enrol them for that all-important Preschool/Kindergarten program.*

School readiness has become increasingly important as educational expectations continue to rise and the belief that a comprehensive preschool program is an essential part of a child’s learning journey and transition to school.

Most long day care centres also offer Preschool/Kindergarten or School Readiness Programs, with curriculum guided by the EYLF plus the convenience of longer operating hours. The aim is that every child graduates the program fully prepared for the next education step, school.

In addition, the programs offered by long day care are often supplemented by extracurricular activities, such as sports and music programs to further assist with your child’s development. These are usually provided by specialists visiting the service on a scheduled basis.

Standalone Preschools/Kindergartens provide an educational program in a dedicated setting catering for children aged between three and five years of age. Educational programs are based on the EYLF in exactly the same way as Long Day Care Centres. They are usually run during school hours and school terms only.

*Some services will offer 2-year Kindergarten Programs at age 3 & age 4.