Here’s a handy list of questions to ask yourself or prospective childcare provider to help you find the right option.

Helpful questions

  • What type of care do I want? A centre-based service VS an informal at-home setting?
  • How will I be updated on my child’s learning?
  • Is it a Government approved childcare provider?
  • What is the quality rating of the childcare service?
  • What are the fees?
  • Will I get the CCB or CCR?
  • Does the childcare provider offer a formal Preschool/Kindergarten program?
  • Is food provided for my child and do they cater for dietary requirements?
  • Do they provide hats and sunscreen for my child?
  • Are any extra-curricular activities available, such as sports or music programs?
  • Do the opening hours of the childcare service suit me?

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